Impact Group Training


6 July & 20 July

5:00pm - 6:30pm

Context: Each episode of the Earth Impact Series will end with the speaker inviting attendees to participate in a call to action that provides long term engagement of participants keen to engage on specific solutions to key problems.
This will lead to the formation of new purpose driven Forum-like Impact Groups (IGs) that would meet regularly and will work with notable Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on developing business or non-business solutions to the issue, providing members, spouses and YNGers from across Europe to collaborate on specific issues leading to cross chapter interaction of YPOers.
Attendees are invited to participate in one of three Impact Groups trainings offered throughout the series. The training will be facilitated by
THNK School of Creative Leadership and will last 90 minutes.

About this training

During this training, you will:

  • Get connected to your fellow impact group members
  • Gain clarity on how to get the most out of your impact group
  • Gain momentum as a team
  • Get clarity on the process going forward

These sessions will be:

  • Interactive: join and be ready to participate, create and discuss
  • In teams: get to know your fellow team members and kick-off your collaboration
  • Fun: bring some smiles, because we take playful things serious and serious things playful
  • Communal: be ready to learn with and from other Impact Groups

About THNK School of Creative Leadership

Dubbed by Forbes as the “leadership approach to disrupt thinking, then business” and by Stanford as the “future of higher education,” THNK School of Creative Leadership is the antithesis to conventional leadership schools. THNK is a purpose-driven social enterprise that works with large organizations all over the world. THNK’s experiential and transformative programs equip leaders with the knowledge, skills and mindsets to deliver innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

More about THNK in 
this video.

About the faculty

Mark Vernooj

I love to work with organizations to help them become more innovative for the sake of all their stakeholders. In my  role at THNK, he focusses on custom programs for organizations in the fields of innovation, digital transformation and creative leadership. I have been teaching at various schools including Berkeley, Columbia, Stanford and Wharton. I’m a is regular speaker and facilitator at events and conferences. And I’m a member of the expert network at the World Economic Forum.
I holds a master’s in engineering from Delft University of Technology, an MBA from INSEAD and I studied Design Thinking at Stanford.

Rod Ben Zeev

I love being part of an engaging environment. If people are laughing, you know something is going well.
I've devoted my professional career to engaging people using laughter; first with playwriting, screenwriting, stand-up comedy, storytelling, and improvisational theatre (improv). You know you're doing well at any of these if you have a high LPM count – that's laughs per minute.
At THNK, I co-design and deliver innovation and leadership programs around the globe. My formal education includes a B.A. in English Literature from Boston University and an M.A. in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam.
And when I'm not doing all of that… I love cooking.