Impact Group


Fall 2021

Key Goals of EIS 

  • Focus on practical solutions for major global challenges, identify next generation of conscious market opportunities, understanding how to 'nail it and scale it'
  • Build a global collaborative platform community with YPO at the center 
  • Amplify the impact and value generation of YPO for its members

How Slingshot will help achieve these goals

  • Provide key, central concepts that tie together all EIS topics
  • Activate a highly practical and effective framework that turns challenges into transformational opportunities, in the process exposing YPOers to the frontline business transformation approach (The Slingshot Framework)
  • Contribute unique design components that elevate EIS to be the new model of conscious activism, social capitalism, and community engagement 
  • Enable YPO to position itself as the curator of global leadership for the post-Covid world, expanding its relevance to members as well as its global impact

Emotional Transformation & Re-Imagining Boundaries Defined

  1. The Slingshot Framework defines 'Emotional Transformation' as enabling for our target audience the continuous pursuit of happiness, based on this mantra: "The human equation is to multiply joy and divide pain. Pain shared is pain divided, joy shared is joy multiplied."

  2. As a way of delivering on Emotional Transformation, the framework provides 3 key levers for 'Re-Imagining Boundaries', and coming up with breakthrough solutions:

    • Identify key Pain Points of our target audience and transform them into Points of Joy
    • Take advantage of the Innovation Shortcut - creatively combining already existing resources
    • Continuously stretch the value proposition we aim to provide our target audience  

  3. Real life examples that demonstrate all 3 of these points in action:

Contributions for the Impact Groups

  • Expose the Impact Groups to the Slingshot Framework - as the highly effective guide for turning ideas into action. Given the mandate of each Impact Group to implement concepts, the Slingshot Framework provides IGs the optimal approach for identifying solutions, next gen business opportunities and scaling strategies.
  • Similar to the high-impact work he is already doing with YPOers in applying the Slingshot Framework to their own businesses, GGB will run an online Master Class for all Impact Groups to expose them to the methodology.
  • The Master Class will be 2.5 hours long, containing interactive presentation, examples of best practices, and immediate application of the concepts/framework learned
  • The class will be run twice, to offer Impact Group members a choice of dates 

About the faculty

Gabor George Burt - Founder and Director of The Slingshot Group

Gabor is the global authority on creative business transformation and re-imagining market boundaries.  As one of the core, original experts of Blue Ocean Strategy, the new millennium’s most influential management concept, Gabor created The Slingshot Framework, which is the practical guide to creating blue oceans and to re-imagining market boundaries.
Gabor works with executive teams of multinationals, SMEs, start-ups, government agencies , academic institutions and NGOs, leads high-profile events and VIP gatherings, appears on top media networks and publications, and has been recognized among top 13 future-shaping innovation visionaries.