YPO Gold Amsterdam


On a mission! How the next generations is establishing business as a force for good.

24 June

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Description: Gen-Z is out to change the world. Learn about the sectors they are eyeing, the type of companies they want to build and the problems they want to solve. They will show you how they will take over your market, your customers, your investors and your employees. Join us for an inside peek into how Gen Z is rethinking and recreating business, and how you might be able to get involved in building the future with them today.

Champion: Veronique Swinkels - YPO Gold Amsterdam

Founder of Go-for-Good. On a mission to use creativity and activism to change the world. After 30 years as a full-time communications consultant of which 25 years as the CEO/owner of the comms agency BBK/Door Vriendschap Sterker (a certified B-Corp), Veronique changed to the role of Impact Accelerator, Next Generation coach and SDG-Activist – combining years of experience in finding the right words, symbols, and communication channels with insights on how to strengthen organizations and change people’s behavior for the better. Veronique uses the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to connect people, organizations and, businesses to their purpose. Co-founder of the Undercover Activist; guide to positive workplace activism. She is part of investment Coop Arches Capital, holds advisory/board functions in several foundations and it trained in in conflict-resolution, Theory U, Social Presencing Theatre, Deep Democracy, and Barretts Values. She has a Masters in Communications Sciences, recently participated in the Executive Leadership Program at THNK (School for Creative leadership) and is instructed by the “de erkende toezichthouder” to be in governance positions.

Speaker: Sabrina Viitaasari - Managing Partner at Nusa Sentara

Sabrina is a pioneer in a new generation of leaders & entrepreneurs, redefining the possibilities for business and what that means for the individual, the environment and the community. After 10+ years in the world of IT and tech startups, she is now co- founder and managing partner of Nusa Sentara; an environmental development agency dedicated to solving some of the greatest environmental challenges of today & tomorrow.
Nusa Sentara is a clean tech  studio for  waste to value eco-systems, both on-line and offline; combining waste to value technology and deep tech innovations. We help people & places make the transition to the circular economy by providing them with the tools, technology,  strategy & business models.
With our new product Nu Cycle, we are able to transform the value within waste streams, whether it’s nutrients, energy or another valuable resource.
Nu Cycle's offset model allows us to neutralise any individual, company or industries waste impact. By partnering with the most innovative waste-to-value technologies, we can ensure that any waste footprint is mitigated from collection through to a new sustainable resource.


Speaker: Hannes Chopra - YPO Barcelona Gold

+ YNGers panel

Emma Hoch

Emma Hoch: Amsterdam, PPLE-Student (Politics, Psychology, Law & Economics). Passionate about creating impact: YNG Impact Group Champion Europe, YNG Germany Board Member, and co-founder of the YNG “Hack the Future” hackathon (2020) as well as part of other YPO/YNG Impact Initiatives.

Isidoor Maljers

Isidoor is an aspiring social entrepreneur from the Netherlands. After his studies in law and economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam he worked briefly in finance but quickly decided he was looking for a more adventurous career path. After launching a bicycle program in a slum in Nairobi, Kenya the idea grew to introduce a leapfrog technology to the African market. Noting that sales of electric bicycles have skyrocketed in the West and Asia over the last couple of years, they spotted the opportunity to bring the e-bike to Kenya. Since the beginning of this year the Hatua team has been working on a product/service combination to bring e-bikes to the East-African market. They are in the early stage and setting up the first pilots to start this summer. Within Hatua Isidoor has the lead on product and digital development.

Leo Coppetiers

Co-Founder at Skysun & HelloSun.
I am passionate about solving climate change and social inequalities through new technologies and business models to implement them. I believe in a decentralized energy grid and work daily to make it a reality in the EU. 
Skysun is member of the global BCorp community and recognised as part of the 1000 solutions to fight climate change by the Solar Impulse Foundation of Bertrand Piccard. There is an opportunity to see and work with the EU as the United States of Europe. A massive single market with homogenised legislation: the greendeal.


Utsav Dixit

Mr. Utsav Dixit, Senior Manager - Sustainability at ALPLA India, is responsible for all plastic recycling projects and sustainability activity in the region.
Utsav has a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and was selected as one of 25 engineers to be part of The Hoeft Technology & Management Program. Upon graduation he worked at Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Chicago and San Francisco offices in technology strategy for Government, Telecom, Hi-Tech, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Healthcare industries. Utsav is also a Contributing Author in Springer 2018 Publication "Divestitures and Spin-Offs - Lessons Learned in the Trenches of the World’s Largest M&A Deals." After 10 years in the US and 6 years with Deloitte, Utsav moved to India to join ALPLA, where his current focus is working with customers to increase the use of recycled plastic and achieve Sustainability targets of ALPLA India. Additionally, Utsav serves as the Chairman of YNG Hyderabad (Young Presidents Organization – Next Generation).
Apart from business, Utsav is a passionate stand-up comedian and live comedy producer. He has performed 500+ comedy sets over 3 years across San Francisco, California Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Berlin, Vienna, and throughout India for audiences of up to 800.