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How to beat cybercriminals at their own game.


Description: One billion dollars. That’s how much money was lost from ransomware attacks in 2020. Or at least, how much we know for sure, given that only 2.5% of cybersecurity incidents are made public. While the pandemic is certainly to blame for the increase in threat actor activity, it’s not the only factor. The majority of cybercriminals used known vulnerabilities to gain initial access and deal devastating blows to companies across industries. This reliance on known vulnerabilities can mean only one thing: we’re not being vigilant enough. The episode will help you understand how your business operations could remain intact and what opportunities present in one of the fastest growing tech sectors.

Champion: Ilya Sachkov - YPO Russia

In 2003, Ilya founded Group-IB as a first-year student at the Bauman Technical University. 16 years on, Group-IB’s has grown into an international company operating in more than 60 countries around the world. Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution is recognized by top industry researchers — Gartner, IDC, Forrester as one the best in class. Ilya is one of the 26 prominent independent commissioners for the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, a member of cybercrime expert committees in the Council of Europe and the OSCE. He is a Member of Young President Organisation (YPO)  global network of young chief executives. He takes part in the work of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity. In 2010, Ilya became the first Russian national to win the Digital Crimes Consortium award for his contribution to international exchange of experience in the field of computer forensics. In 2015-2017, Ilya was awarded the EY Entrepreneur of the Year National Award three times in a row in the «Information Security for Business» category. In 2016, he was featured in the global list of Forbes 30 Under 30 among the brightest young businessmen in «Enterprise Tech» category. Since 2017, he has been an associate professor of the Bauman Technical University at the Department of Information Security, the department he graduated with honors in 2009. In 2018, Ilya made it to the Russian Reporter and Russia Beyond the Headlines prominent people of the year lists. In 2019, he was listed among the top 100 young economic leaders by the French «Institut Choiseul». In 2020, he made it to the top 100 young economic leaders by the French «Institut Choiseul» again.

Speaker: Dmitry Volkov - CTO, Head of Threat Intelligence & Attribution Department, Сo-founder of Group-IB

Dmitry has led many cybersecurity and investigative operations. His team in coordination with law enforcement were responsible for successfully investigating the first criminal cases in Russia, wherein the organizers of criminal groups were identified and detained. These criminals stole from bank accounts using malware for PCs, mobile devices, phishing attacks, and targeted attacks on financial institutions in Russia. Group-IB’s expertise extends to investigative capabilities regarding DDoS attacks, toll fraud, carding, and other high-tech crimes. With years of accumulated experience in computer forensics, investigations, knowledge of malware and criminal organizations, Dmitry established Group-IB’s state-of-the-art Cyber Threat Intelligence department. Dmitry became Chief Technology Officer at Group-IB in 2017. Since then, he has been responsible for all aspects of the company’s technological development and transformation. Among other products, Dmitry was deeply involved in developing Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution (TI&A), one of Group-IB's most heavily loaded and constantly updated systems. Group-IB TI&A is ranked among the best threat intelligence solutions in the world by Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Cyber Defense Magazine, and SC Media. Dmitry is a member of the Europol EC3 Advisory Group on Internet Security and the UN Open-ended Intergovernmental Expert Group, which is dedicated to studying global cybercrime. He has also been listed by Business Insider as one of the top 7 professionals behind influential security companies.