16h00 - 16h15

Opening w/ Francisco Mendes

16h20 - 18h50

B2Talks powered by Simply Flow - hosted by Fátima Lopes

16h18 - 16h38 | B2Talk Citizen of the Future w/ Luis Carvalho Rodrigues

16h50 - 17h10 | B2Talk Future of Sustainabilty w/ Helena Freitas

17h35 - 17h55 | B2Talk Future of Work w/ Maria do Rosário

18h00 - 18h20 | B2Talk Future of Education w/ Bárbara Ramos Dias

18h30 - 18h50 | B2Talk Future of Mobility and Smart Cities w/ Daniela Oliveira

16h45 - 16h55

Live w/ Lusíadas Saúde

17h20 - 17h27

Warm-up by Holmes Place

17h27 - 17h30

Begining of the run w/ Lusíadas Saúde

19h00 - 19h10

stretches by Lusíadas Saúde

19h10 - 19h30