FAQs B2Run

B2Run is the biggest cause corporate supporting event in Portugal. Find out more here.

B2Run takes place on September 16th (Thursday)

The event format is digital being streaming on B2Run’s website.

There are 2 steps:

  1. Company sign up / Team Captain
  1. Write you company details
  2. Fill in your Team Captain info – it will be your own registration
  3. Type the number of participants on behalf of your company for the race
  4. Choose the type of dorsal (VIRTUAL DORSAL or VIRTUAL DORSAL WITH T-SHIRT)
  5. Check your e-mail for the sign up confirmation

Lastly, the Team Captain will receive another e-mail with the billing and a company ID code which must be shared with other team members upon sign up.

  1. Team members sign up

After the company sign up, on behalf of the Team Captain whom must internally share and publicize B2Run as well as the company ID number sent via e-mail, team members must register themselves.

  1. Fill in your information (NOTICE: insert the ID code provided by the Team Captain).
  2. Choose the option VIRTUAL DORSAL or VIRTUAL DORSAL WITH T-SHIRT (check with the Team Captain).
  3. Check your e-mail for sign up confirmation.

Check with your Team Captain about the type of Dorsal chosen by the company: VIRTUAL DORSAL or VIRTUAL DORSAL WITH T-SHIRT.

You must type the ID code provided by the Team Captain.

The payment is made by your company.

Until September 9th you can ask your company to change the name in the Dorsal for another colleague by contacting B2Run on [email protected]

Registrations are open until September 9th 2021 (Thursday)

Registration with VIRTUAL DORSAL WITH T-SHIRT have a deadline until September 2nd. Until this day, all t-shirt sizes must be selected by the participants.

There is no maximum number of participants although there is a minimum limit of 1 sign up per company

Each participant has 1h30 mins to complete 5km, either walking or running.

Since the even is digital there is no mandatory route. You can do it anywhere you’d like as long as you keep your mobile device on you to count the total distance.

The event only allows walking or running and therefore vehicles are forbidden.

At the moment of sign up the Team Captain selects 1-3 non-profits. Each team member accumulates miles before and after the event which will be converted in donation money. After the event, each company will receive a report with the movement generated by the participants (number of total miles) and the value to donate. The company is responsible to donate directly to the chosen non-profits and selecting the distribution percentage.

Check clause 6. Responsibilities > 6.5 Data protection terms and use

“Go Biz Viagens e Turismo SA, organizer of B2Run Portugal has the commitment of respecting the users’ privacy and protection of personal data.

The participant’s personal data given upon sign up will be used by B2Run’s organizers and respective partners to manage, organize, produce, communicate, time the event, define scores and publish results, as well as guaranteeing its participants’ safety. This data can also be used by the organizer and partners for future communications about sports activities and well-being.

Learn and read more about our Terms and Conditions here.

You can share your participation on social media by tagging B2Run, using the hashtag #B2Run2021 as well as using our official filters/stickers (Instagram exclusive).

In case you have further questions you can send us an e-mail to [email protected] or by scheduling a meeting here.