SIC Esperança

B2Learn is a project that was created in partnership with SIC Esperança. The main goal is to help non-profit entities using the human resources of companies.

The employees from each company can volunteer their time and know-how from their areas of expertise in this mentoring project.

This volunteering is a fundamental step to bring professionals closer to solidary.

This project is designed mainly for the help of Portuguese companies, but if you have any question please contact us through the support e-mail.


Associação Salvador

Associação Salvador is an IPSS founded in 2003 by Salvador Mendes de Almeida, quadriplegic since the age of 16 following a motorcycle accident, whose mission is to promote the social inclusion of people with physical disabilities and improve their quality of life, enhancing their talents and raising awareness of equal opportunities.
It develops its work by supporting around 400 annual beneficiaries in areas such as adapted sports, the attribution of equipment and support, professional integration, social events, among others.
It has also played an important role in sensitizing young people and society in general, addressing several key issues, such as the lack of accessibility, contributing to the formation of a new generation of people active in building an inclusive society and exerting pressure on entities to ensure enforcement and enforcement of the law.
The spread of Covid-19 and the consequent necessary confinement, further accentuated the isolation of people with physical disabilities who, today, often find themselves without assistance, trapped at home, many with loss of employment and income and without access to basic needs.
The aggravation or emergence of these more fragile situations led the Associação Salvador to strengthen support in this area through Psychosocial support, which consists of a support line and psychosocial referral, therapeutic groups and support for extraordinary cases with food baskets and equipment.

 +351 927 639 010

Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro

Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro is a national reference in supporting cancer patients and their families, promoting health, preventing cancer and encouraging training and research in oncology.

 +351 914 850 592 | + 351 217 221 810

União Zoófila

União Zoófila was born on November 17 1951 with the mission to defend, protect and treat domestic animals at risk. It is a non-profit administrative public utility association and does not receive any support from the state or any other public entity. It lives from the payment of membership fees and donations made by people who are sensitive to the animal cause.
We shelter hundreds of dogs and cats supporting all expenses for food, daily treatment and veterinary care. We work daily so that all of them have the best possible conditions and are forwarded for adoption. For this, your contribution is essential.

Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima

APAV believes and works so that in Portugal the status of the victim of crime is fully recognised, valued and effective.
Through its national network of 70 proximity services: Victim Support Offices and Itinerant Service Centers; Specialized sub-networks: CARE Network - Support for children and young people victims of sexual violence; RAFAVHT - Support Network for Families and Friends of Victims of Homicide and Victims of Terrorism; UAVMD - Migrant Victim Support and Discrimination Unit; Victim Support Line (116 006); Secure Internet Line (800 219 090) and by four reception structures: Shelters: three for women victims of domestic violence and one for women victims of human trafficking and their children. APAV annually registers more than 66,500 assistances, guaranteeing support, on average, to 13,100 thousand direct victims, in addition to indirect ones.
The Association develops a daily work to prevent, support and protect victims of more than 70 crimes (domestic violence, sexual crimes, cybercrime, bullying, stalking, abuse of power/authority, homicide, theft and robbery, among unfortunately, many others).

 +351 917 596 417 | + 351 213 587 900

Casa de Apoio ao Sem Abrigo

Centro de Apoio ao Sem Abrigo - CASA (The Homeless Support Center ) has the mission of helping those who are homeless, who integrate Families at Risk or Families in Need, through social solidarity actions, regardless of social strata, ethnicity, religion or genre.

 +351 960 041 374

Associação Jorge Pina

Jorge Pina is a non-profit association founded in 2011, registered as IPSS since June 2015, and which has developed social patronage activities in the sports and cultural sphere, always promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged children and young people with special educational needs through sport.
We support children and young people from different family, social and economic contexts, with or without physical and/or psychological limitations, providing them with the practice of different sports such as Adapted Athletics and Athletics, Boxing and Goalball, regularly and free of charge.
In addition to sports activity, Jorge Pina gives numerous lectures at national level about his life history and professional career, and also as an ambassador of the National Plan for Sports Ethics, and always promoting the values ​​inherent to sports practice such as respect, equality, ethics, etc., and participating in many other projects, initiatives and activities that promote the development of sporting activities in favor of the community.

 +351 922 236 529 (Jorge Pina) | +351 968 831 368 (Lúcia Pedro)


Located on Costa do Castelo, in Lisbon, Chapitô is a space and a multidisciplinary project where activities are developed in different areas but in permanent articulation: Social Action, Training, Culture and Social Economy.
Non-Profit Cultural Association, Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGDO) and Private Institution of Social Solidarity (IPSS), Chapitô, which accumulates the status of Superior Social Interest, Manifest of Cultural Interest and Local Social and Cultural Interest , is based on intervention and social inclusion through the arts.
The Chapitô project maintains a continuous relationship of mutual enrichment with the society and culture in which it operates, guided by the values ​​of solidarity and equity, where an art plays a fundamental role in personal and professional development, education and socialization.
Chapitô has been building a unique place in the field of social inclusion of vulnerable young people through the circus arts and performing arts and scenic crafts, while investing in civic and artistic training with a strong vocational sense and professional. It is this combination of variables and action axes that explains the persistent longevity of the Chapitô project, now four decades old."

 +351 218 855 550


CRESCER is an IPSS founded in 2001 by a group of psychologists specialized in community intervention with vulnerable audiences.
Its mission is to create and implement responses in the community that have an impact on improving the living conditions of the people being monitored and that effectively contribute to their inclusion in society – mainly through the access to health services, social services, access to housing and promotion of education and awareness of consumption practices with reduction of risks.

 +351 213 620 192  

Rede de Emergência Alimentar

Rede de Emergênica Alimentar was created to support Food Banks so that they can continue to fulfil and even reinforce their mission at this very demanding time.
The measures taken by the Government, essential to prevent the spread of the disease caused by Coronavirus, have already caused extremely difficult situations, even desperate ones, for the poorest population, due to lack of resources. In addition, several social institutions had to discontinue some of the support responses normally provided, such as day care centers, nurseries and distribution of food baskets.
On the other hand, there is a reduction in the number of technicians and assistants who work in these institutions, the vast majority of whom are women, who, due to the closure of schools, are forced to stay at home to assist their families.
It has thus become essential to structure an emergency food distribution network that, while taking care of hygiene and safety, allows to feed and support those who do not have resources and those who, now, have left or are no longer having them.
In addition to all that was mentioned, there was an additional challenge: Food Banks cannot carry out the usual food collection campaigns in supermarkets. And so, to be able to respond to all requests without a predictable outage of stocks, they need people and entities that associate themselves with an exceptional donation, in cash or in kind, that allows them to continue providing basic food to the most needy people.

Casa da Criança de Tires

"In this house, there is a family for children who continue to feel a deep emptiness of a 'real' home with a 'real' family."

All children have the right to live a peaceful, secure present and dream of a bright future, but for some of the little ones in this country, having a safe home, going to school, making friends, among others, are not guaranteed rights, unless if they are in places like the Casa da Criança de Tires.
They are children of inmates or children in danger who are temporarily sheltered in our House, being our pioneer and unique institution in the work developed with incarcerated mothers and their children. In a familiar environment, they receive affective rules and necessary tools so that they can develop in a safe and positive way.

 +351 214 456 802

Fundação Rui Osório de Castro

In Portugal we have around 400 new cases of childhood cancer appearing every year.
We are talking about 400 children affected by this disease, but also everyone around them, their families and friends.
Fundação Rui Osório de Castro was created in 2009 with the main goal of supporting and protecting children with cancer and their families, concentrating its activity in two main areas: INFORM, clarifying parents and children about issues related to childhood cancer and PROMOTING RESEARCH thus contributing to the advancement of medicine in this area.

 +351 217 915 007       

Núvem Vitória

Núvem Vitória visits, every night, the national paediatrics and, through its volunteers, tells stories to the hospitalized children.
This association was born in 2016 and its main mission is to contribute to improving the sleep of children, mainly in hospitals or other institutions, who temporarily remove them from their family environments for health or other reasons. Aware of the importance that adequate and quality sleep has for children's lives, it proposes to develop and promote materials, tools and skills that provide a favourable and balanced environment for a restful night's sleep with hospitalized children or, acting in civil society in a broader and broader sense, of children in general. It also aims to encourage the involvement of parents, other family members and caregivers, in different contexts, seeking to raise the literacy level of the populations as well as strengthen family ties and with caregivers in general.
Currently, we are 540 volunteers distributed in 10 centres, we have already told 54,845 stories in 22,313 hours of volunteer work.

 +351 912 777 888

Médicos Sem Fronteiras

Created in 1971, Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, Médicos Sem Fronteiras (Doctors Without Borders) is an international medical-humanitarian organization that provides support to populations in precarious situations and victims of natural or human catastrophes and armed conflicts, without racial, religious or political ideology discrimination. Doctors Without Borders (DWB) is currently present in 74 countries with a total of 446 humanitarian aid projects. In 2019, DWB performed more than 11.2 million outpatient consultations and assisted more than 758,000 hospitalized patients. With nearly 50 years of experience in emergency medical care in the field, the organization witnesses at first hand the contexts in which its projects are located, also taking on a role in raising awareness and raising public awareness of the experience of populations with which develop their work.

 +351 913 604 534