Here is how it is going to work:


João is going to need your help to make some decisions throughout the activity. When the right time comes you will be the ones choosing João’s destiny by voting in the bottom right corner of your screen (next to our mascot – The Pigeon).


These decisions need to be fast, so we require all your attention! The most voted option will set João’s faith.


As João will also explain in the beginning, there will be 3 QR Codes appearing in different parts of the activity and, if you get to scan them and answer the question correctly, you can win some really cool prizes. Please prepare your cellphones, the QR Codes appear fast so you must be even faster to scan them!


For a better experience, if you do not have the video, the chat and the polling area all centered in the screen, please adjust the zoom in your page settings (by clicking in the 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen).


For a more immersive experience, we suggest you to use your ear or headphones.


Let’s start! Enjoy this ride!