Episode 1 - Highlights

2022 The Discovery Year for VOQIN’

To get projects off the ground.
Not be afraid of testing new formats and ideas.
To do more and better.

/ The year started, and we landed in a new Lisbon Office by the Tagus River, the same place where the discoveries started back in XV and XVI centuries.

/ Diogo Assis, VOQIN’s Founder and CEO, opened the event with an inspirational message:

“When there is an emotional link between a company, a customer and an employee, the relationship lasts longer and healthier. The concept of the Emotional Series has the willingness to share our experience and knowledge on how to impact, engage, and excite the audience through an emotional journey.”  

We have a powerful purpose which is in our name
PROVOQIN’ meaningful emotions in our clients and its audiences.

/ The Keynote speakers were motivational leaders that disrupted the traditional industries.

Sofia Tenreiro
Has over 15 years of experience leading digital, business, and cultural transformation in various industries. Passionate about developing talents and reigniting organizations to grow.
She is one of the most inspirational leaders in Portugal.


“The more important digital is, the more important humans must be. We live in two worlds: the digital and the physical world, with humans playing an important role because humans do technology to the humans. Technology's purpose is to enhance our skills, intellectual and physical. To the technology evolve, we need to evolve s, adapt, transform ourselves, and change our mindset”, Sofia Tenreiro.

John Brahim, CEO and entrepreneur at Maistering BV

He is the founder of Maistering, a global company behind a unique platform with AI infusing orchestration to make enterprises more agile. John has been a member of the Global Executive Committee of Capgemini, where he has business in Europe, the USA and India.

“Emotion and Business? Yes, most enterprises are boring, and it’s no surprise after centuries after industrial production belt logic. As we are now entering another industrial revolution, we could easily think that digital and technology automation will eat up the last pieces of emotion in business. True, right? With shops only on a scream, offices took out by zoon, metaverse… bots beat humans efficiently but not emotionally. Is this wisdom playing wrong? Will digital empower, connect and unleash human creativity like never before? Will virtual reinforce physical in a new hybrid mix? Will bots do more of what humans don’t need to do? So, humans can play on our strength of being emotional creatures”, John Brahim.


/ Inspirational Story
A real success story was shared between keynotes.



           It was all about a boy with a dream of greatness.
           A young man who shared a love for sports with his father.
           Even though he was a talented boy, he failed at the beginning.
           But instead of discouraging, it inspired him.
           He worked harder than anyone else to get better.
           And then one day it he just took off
           and became one of the most captivating athletes in history.


 He is more than a player.
 He is a legend.

 He is Michael Jordan.


If we look at the bright side of this crisis, the events industry had probably the best opportunity to innovate, to look at very hot topics like inclusion, carbon footprint, technology, and data. The elements of the new digital age are converting at scale, and the metaverse is the force bringing these elements together in a unified, symbiotic, and immersive experience. The physical events won’t go away. The digital events won’t disappear also. Everything will combine, and we will have more options today than in 2019. And don’t we love to have an option?”,

-  Diogo Assis.

A new Era is coming…

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