VOQIN’, with its trade name GO BIZ VIAGENS E TURISMO SA, organises B2Run in Portugal. This event, geared toward companies and their employees, comprises a run or walk of around 5 km, culminating in an award and socialising among companies. This is a team-building and networking event seeking to encourage sporting activities and healthy lifestyles within companies.



Because it believes in social inclusion, B2Run Portugal has teamed up with several associations, promoting solidarity and the well-being of its participants. The participants' physical movement will be converted into financial support for social organisations.

Companies registered to participate undertake to donate as much as 5.00€ per employee on the day of the event, according to the movement of each one.

That is, for every km completed by each employee, the company pledges to donate 1.00€. (up to a maximum of 5.00€ – which comes to 5 km per employee).

For every competition entered prior to the event, the company shall select the amount it wishes to donate: 0.20€, 0.50€ or 1.00€ for every 3 km covered by each employee. A different amount may be associated with some of the competitions.

When signing up the Team / Company Captain, the company has the option of choosing the Association / Organisation to which it wishes to donate. The company may select from 1 to 3 associations.

At the end of the event, a report will be sent showing the total movement generated by the employees and the corresponding conversion into a monetary amount, which the company undertakes to donate directly to the respective chosen Association / Organisation. 

 It is the company's responsibility to make the donation directly to the chosen Association(s). The event's organisers undertake to provide all the information and contacts required for such purpose.

1.2.2 SIC ESPERANÇA – B2Learn Project

B2Learn is a project that was created in partnership with SIC Esperança. The main goal is to help non-profit entities using the human resources of companies.

The employees from each company can volunteer their time and know-how from their areas of expertise in this mentoring project.

This volunteering is a fundamental step to bring professionals closer to solidary.

This project is designed mainly for the help of Portuguese companies, but if you have any question please contact us through the support e-mail.


Date: 16 September 2021

Time: 4 to 7:30 p.m.

Place: EMEX Platform + B2Run App


The event's cancellation/postponement can occur due to force majeure factors, including, adverse weather conditions, natural catastrophes, strikes, protests, the inability to use telecommunications, government restrictions or those imposed by the entity responsible for the venue, new legislation, etc. For any situation that can entail possible cancellation/postponement, the final decision shall always lie with the Technical Office following analysis with the competent authorities. If the event is postponed, a new date shall be announced within 30 days following said postponement. No paid amounts shall be refunded, as the event will take place. If the event is altogether cancelled, instead of postponed, the sign-up amount shall be fully reimbursed.


Participants will have a time limit of 1.5 hours to complete the event.


The system to be used for tabulating the generated movement is the B2Run App. Participants will have to submit a form containing the requested information so that the generated movement is tallied.

All participants are required to install an app for tallying the kms covered (e.g.: IOS – health app or Android Google Fit) as well as the B2Run app, so they can take part in the competitions and submit the progress of their movement.

Awards shall be given out according to the kms generated by employees and as set forth under item 4. Standings, Awards and Echelons - on these Regulations.


There are two stages in signing up for the B2Run.

You can sign up via the official website – www.b2run.pt – valid only after the sign-up amount is fully paid.


The first step involves signing up the company on the B2Run website.

Following sign-up, companies must choose the necessary number of B2Run Number Bibs, B2Run Number Bibs with Personalised T-shirt, Fan Tickets and/or Team Room, as well as the Association / Organisation and the pledged amount of the donation per employee.

Making the payment enables you to move on to the second stage: individual sign-up of each participant. To this end, the Team Captain or Person in Charge of signing up the company shall be sent all the inherent steps and codes so that each participant can sign up individually.

The Company sign-up will be validated only when the payment is made.

Participation in the event shall be valid only when the individual information on each participant is entered on the website.


Individual sign-ups shall be made via the link sent by organisers to the Team Captain or company official, who must enter all the necessary information inherent to the sign-up process by 9 September 2021.

After this date, no name changes, entries or substitutions shall be accepted.

To verify their presence at the event, each participant will also need to download the B2Run app (from the App Store or Play Store) and follow the instructions received from the organisers.

Should you have any queries or for more information on signing up, please send an e-mail to: [email protected].


Registration must be made by 9 September 2021*

*If you are acquiring a pack containing a personalised t-shirt, the registration deadline will be 2 September 2021.


Signing up on the day of the event will not be permitted.

If you have any queries with regard to signing up, please send an e-mail to: [email protected].


The O B2Run Virtual Number Bib, which is personal and non-transferable, belongs solely to the signed-up participant.

Upon acquiring a certain number of number bibs, the company is responsible for assigning them to each participant.

Upon acquiring the B2Run Virtual Number Bib, the Statements of Responsibility, the Disclaimer and the Conditions of these Regulations are deemed to be accepted. The participant's failure to be present at the event or in the competition, for whatever reason, even after giving prior notice, does not entail the right to a refund of the amount paid or transfer thereof to the following year.


For any change subsequent to individual sign-up on the platform, please contact the organisers by 9 September 2021, via e-mail, at [email protected]. No changes will be accepted after that date.


Early Bird

By 15 August

  • B2Run Virtual Number Bib - 8,00€
  • B2Run Virtual Number Bib with Personalised T-shirt – 16,00€
  • Fan Ticket - 6,00€
  • Team Space - 450,00€

After 15 August

  • B2Run Virtual Number Bib - 10,00€
  • B2Run Virtual Number Bib with Personalised T-shirt – 22,00€
  • Fan Ticket - 8,00€
  • Team Space - 550,00€

There is a minimum limit of 1 person per team. However, there is no maximum limit.


Participants at the event will receive an access link to the EMEX platform, where they can watch the B2Run Portugal Digital event, access to the B2Run app and a personalised t-shirt*.

*personalised with the company logo, in specific cases where the company acquires this type of pack.


Overall standings via the website and the B2Run app. The standings shall be shown as follows:

  1. Best DIGITAL B2Runner (Best individual time, male and female)
  2. Best CEO (Best individual time)
  3. Best department – the greatest number of accumulated kms as a weighted average by team / department
  4. Best company (Small / Medium-sized / Large) – the greatest number of accumulated kms as a weighted average by company

Other Awards:

  1. Lucky draw – Draw for individual prizes from Sponsors
  2. Best selfie – The organisers will choose the most original photo shared on social media tagging the B2un Portugal account (Facebook and/or Instagram)



A participant who wins the Best Digital B2Runner, who is signed up in the HR category and belongs to the winning company in the category of that department, for example, will be considered for both awards.


Medals shall comprise the unlocking of a virtual filter on social media (Instagram B2Run Portugal) upon completion of the competition.

If there are physical awards, they shall be sent to the respective companies after the event, to the address previously given by the company upon sign-up.


B2Run is a sporting event designed for companies. Awards and award ceremonies aim to reward companies and their employees who excelled in the various categories. Upon signing up, if male and female participants wish to compete in the other divisions, they can select one of the divisions given below, according to the department where they work, since they will be competing for that department's collective award. B2Run highlights 8 departments:

CEO - Leadership position known as "C-Level" – chairpersons, management, directors-general, managing partners.

Marketing | Communication – Marketing and/or Communication department employees.

RH – Human Resources department employees.

Sales – Sales department employees.

Finance – Finance department employees.

IT – IT department employees.

Interns – Employees in internship.

General – Employees not identified with any of the aforementioned departments.

The organisation is not responsible for taking out Insurance with Personal Accident coverage for participants, as this is an individual race in which the route is not defined or controlled by the organisation.


The organisers may prevent any individual(s) from participating, be it at the start or during the event, if their behaviour or condition is deemed inappropriate or is cause for concern or even if it can be offensive to any spectators or other participants, including the conveyance of any messages that might be deemed offensive, namely racist, xenophobic and/or aggressive comments.

Failure to abide by any instruction and/or rules set by the organisers.

Regardless of the reason preventing participation in the event (run/walk), no monetary amounts shall be refunded. In extreme cases, the competent authorities shall be called to step in or a complaint shall be lodged with said authorities.

For safety reasons, the organizers advise against the use of skates, skateboards, bicycles, animals and/or other mechanical means that the organizers may deem inappropriate.


Upon signing up, participants are presumed to be physically and psychologically fit for the physical strain inherent to the entire event, and to have no health contraindications for engaging in sporting activities, pursuant to Law no. 5/2007 of 16 January - Basic Law governing Physical Activity and Sport.


Running requires physical and psychological fitness. Upon signing up, participants agree that this event is intended solely for individuals who are physically prepared and who have committed to an adequate training regimen. Each participant is solely responsible for seeking adequate medical counselling prior to taking part in the B2Run run.

You take part in the event entirely at your own risk, and you hereby agree that the organisers shall not be held liable for deaths, accidents or any physical or psychological injuries sustained by participants, or for any physical or psychological harm directly or indirectly resulting from taking part in the event.


Aware of the contents of the conditions of these Regulations / Statement of Responsibility, the participating company and all of its employees or guests, upon signing up, agree and commit to the aforementioned conditions freely and in an informed manner. They accept the risks of doing the run and their participation signifies a voluntary and unequivocal statement of their consent.


Go Biz Viagens e Turismo SA, organizer of B2Run Portugal, is committed to respecting users' privacy and to protecting and safeguarding their personal data.

The personal data provided by participants upon signing up shall be used by B2Run organisers and its partners for the purpose of managing, organising, producing, communicating, timing the competition, determining the scores and announcing event results, as well as ensuring participants' safety. Such data can also be used by the organiser and partners for future communications regarding sporting and well-being activities.

At any time, participants may ask to have their data removed from the B2Run distribution list. To this end, they must send an e-mail with such express request to [email protected].

Notwithstanding the foregoing, and because, pursuant to and for the purposes of enforcing the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27/04/2016 (General Data Protection Regulation) the participating company needs to inform and take responsibility for informing and obtaining consent from the data subject of the personal data thus collected, giving said consent to the person collecting and processing such data, while further guaranteeing that this consent is given freely, in a clarified, specific, informed and explicit manner; it is indispensable to carefully read the text contained in our Privacy Policy before signing up for the competition, as you will need to accept said privacy policy, and such acceptance shall be tantamount to express agreement with the contents thereof and to freely and specifically giving consent, in a clarified, informed and explicit manner for the use of the data collected by GO BIZ VIAGENS E TURISMO SA under the terms set forth therein.


The event may be filmed and/or recorded and photographs may document your participation in the event. Participants freely and unconditionally grant the organiser and the official partners of B2Run the rights to use their image as captured in film footage and in photos taken during the event, as well as photos shared in their social media identifying the event, and authorises their reproduction now and in the future, including, but not limited to, television broadcasting and publications alluding to the event.